Kudos Champion


“Kudos” has been known as good “tool” that can’t be missed in any organization. It is known as a perfect way that kudos-ers would like to say thank you and recognize kudos – ees.


What does the word “KUDOS” come from? And What does it mean exactly?

According to the Article on the website

“The word “kudos” comes from the Greek κῦδος (kudos), meaning “glory” or “fame”.  The “-os” ending in Greek typically indicates a singular noun and is supposed to be pronounced like “-ose”, rather than “-oze”, as many Americans usually pronounce it, “koo-doze”, or as a lot of British people tend to pronounce it “-oss”, “cue-doss”.

The word made its way into English around the late 18th century / early 19th century, meaning pretty much the same thing as it means today.  The first documented instance of the “singular” word “kudo” didn’t pop up until 1926”

And nowadays, you can easily find the word “Kudos” in some dictionaries

Cambridge Dictionary

Or Oxford Dictionary

Following that Kudos Spirit, TYME Digital has re-run the Monthly Kudos Champion after it has been stopped temporarily for some reasons.

And after a board meeting how to vote and pick the Champion, the Kudos nomination form was launched

After 1 week of running, there were 45 Kudos nomination submitted 😍

And after a Panadol talet , the Organisers finally could select 7 candidates for the FINALIST round 🤠

Big CONGRATULATIONS to the below 7 Winners 🎉🎉👏👏

And It came to the most exciting part – Who is going to WIN THE KUDOS CHAMPION? And OWN the Latest Version Kindle

One vote for one person only, the voting number didn’t stop changing between candidates 

BIG CONGRATULATION TO LONG TRAN – Senior Business Analyst had won the Kudos Champion

“There are a lot of outstanding kudos, I’m just the lucky one today. Thank you so much Business Analyst team and another teams has supported me so far, I promise to keep this spirit and non-stop improving myself”  shared by Long Tran

The Kudos Champion for April and May had been ended successfully, let’s wait for the next June Kudos Champion – Who gonna be 😉

31/05/2019 at TYME Digital Office by Rainbow

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