Family Gala Dinner


Family where life begins and love never ends…

Friday Evening – 28 June, Tyme Digital organised extremely exciting and full of joy the first Family Gala Dinner at Liberty Central Riverside Hotel with the participants are Tymer and Tymer’s family. 

The first speech from Tyme Digital’s General Director – Mr. Chris Bennett emphasizes the importance of family’s support and love. 

“The love and support from family is the key thing leading to someone’s success. Without families, a large part of the world is missed”

And then it is time to charge energy before the games start 😛 

We couldn’t wait for Tyme Digital Family Gala Dinner Showbiz – The first part was the game “hỏi xoáy, đáp xoay” brought us so much fun and quite hack brain 😀 

“When is 2+2=6? 😉”

“How to put a deer in a fridge with 3 steps? “

“ There are 500 bricks on the plane, drop 1 brick, how many bricks left?”

” Oh wow, It’s so easy”
“OMG, is that the answer?!?”

Continue the Gala, It was the Magician show.

We couldn’t keep our eyes off the performances – they were so attractive

And next it is time to show how well you know your family members 😉

MC gave husband/father an animal name and his duty was to use his gestures to describe it and the rest family members need to guess what the animal was. A big round of applause for all of families 😛 

At Tyme Digital, we care not only family but also some members who will build their own family in future. There was an interesting mini game for single boys and girls – hope that they will find their haft through this game 😉

Then it came to the most exciting part of the night – Game for future ladies and gentlement 😎 

The game also closed the great night with so many sweet memories with Tymers and Families.

Thank you participants, thank you Liberty Central Riverside Hotel and Vuasukien helped to organise successfully this event.

And thank you again for all of Tymers’ hard word, dedication and thank you families always support behind, which helps bring the success of Tyme Digital today. We do hope that there will be more and more families joining Tyme Digital in the near future 😉

28/06/2019 at Liberty Central Riverside Hotel by Rainbow

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