An exciting, innovative and diverse business

We are constantly evolving – using new technology to enable financial inclusion in the banking industry.

In 2016 we established the Vietnam’s Digital Hub, i.e. CBA Solutions and then changed to TYME Digital in January 2019. TYME Digital represents a focus on delivering digital solutions and a HUB for application development across TYME Bank. TYME Digital designs, builds and operates digital banking ecosystems. We have developed an innovative KYC solution that allows customers to open a simple bank account over their mobile phone, and open an unrestricted bank account (with full KYC identification) from a remote location instead of having to enter a bank branch by using their mobile.

Established in 2016
in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
with 11 teams
Christopher Bennett avartar
Christopher Bennett
General Director of TYME Digital
To be a world class Digital Centre of Excellence in Vietnam by leveraging the young entrepreneurial and technology talent in the Vietnamese market to build solutions that are expertly designed and intuitive for our customers in the countries that Tyme Limited has a presence.

We own our actions & mistakes. We love outcomes that benefit all


We care for people with respect. We empower with recognition


We keep lean and chose real customer value over waste


We keep growing up by constantly learning, improving and sharing


We keep building trust. We are transparent and honest with each other

Our experiences and skills
  • skill agile
  • skill atlassian
  • skill microservices
  • skill linux
  • skill docker
  • skill devops
  • skill continuous
  • skill magnolia
  • skill angularjs
  • skill android
  • skill ios
  • skill react
  • skill c net
  • skill java
  • skill wso2
  • skill aws
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